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A different approach

“For me and what I like to get done with a horse, its not just about the feel good massage part. I want to assess a horse and figure out the WHY is this particular pattern of soreness and restriction happening and how can we break the cycle.  

Where does this horse need more support? 

Is it a saddle fit issue we need to get fixed? 

Is there a structural problem that we need the vet to address first? 

Is there a hoof problem I need to team up with the farrier on?

Is there a nutritional need not being met?

Is there an old compensation we need to correct with movement retraining?

Is there a restriction in joint range of motion?

Is it lack of balance, fitness, stability, core strength?

These are all important assessments to be made.

When I work on a horse I always use a combination of release and activation to restore balanced muscle function and brain/body connection.  Just because a muscle is sore doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be released.  It’s often sore or tight because it’s weak and all the stretching and release in the world won’t make it better, in fact it may make it worse.  By looking at the whole horse with an understanding that all these things have to work in balance with each other we can start to restore that balance by addressing the interaction between these parts. By restoring balance we can build proper stability, strength, and full functional joint range of motion.  Often times building this balanced foundation alone will solve so many problems just by giving the horse the support he needs to take stress off of joints, grow balanced hooves, and move optimally for their individual needs.

Just as importantly, I’m always here to talk with my clients.  I love to hear updates, and I’m happy to answer questions at anytime.”


Tailored to you and your horses specific concerns

  • Dynamic assessment of the horse. Jennifer will watch the horse move at a walk/trot in straight lines and tight circles.

  • Static assessment. Jennifer will palpate the horse for pain responses and muscle tone, assess joint range of motion, conformation, posture, hoof balance, and balance of muscle use.

  • A thorough history will be discussed, along with current concerns.

  • Jennifer will work on the horse using a science backed approach of techniques like soft tissue and joint mobilization, and release/activation to address neuromuscular balance.

  • A follow up plan for exercises, and any necessary referrals will be made for the owner.

Where needed Jennifer will also check saddle fit, discuss nutritional concerns, evaluate under saddle, and partner with veterinary, farriery, and anyone else on your team to address specific concerns.

Appointments within Sonoma/Marin counties are $150.  There is no minimum horse requirement. Outside of that travel area may incur a fee or minimum horse requirement.


Equiband Pro System

This system; backed by numerous studies, is a big part of an effective exercise plan, especially for performance horses.

It’s imperative that this system be fitted and used correctly to achieve the best outcome for the horse and should always be fit by a licensed professional, whether that be your bodyworker or veterinarian familiar with the system. 

When you purchase your Equiband Pro system through JB Performance Equine, Jennifer will:

  • Fit the system for your horse

  • Provide a detailed exercise plan to properly implement it

  • Assess follow up video or questions to make sure your horse stays on track to progress through the system

Contact us for more info and purchase/sizing details. Equiband system with fitting and exercise plan is $275. As an add on to your bodywork appointment the Equiband system is $220.


consults and exercise recommendations

"We're not all fortunate to live in an area with easy access to an array of equine professionals, I know I haven't always. For those outside my area I'm happy to offer consults over email or zoom.  Whether you have a specific concern, performance issue, coming back from injury, or simply need another set of eyes, please feel free to reach out.  I find a common theme amongst independent horse owners, without the access to full time trainers and other professionals, is that they often are just looking for someone that can sit down and talk with them about their concerns with their horse."

Certain cases may require vet clearance/documentation in order to appropriately advise. Distance assessments start at $75.

Please drop us a note to inquire further!

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