• Jennifer Bodnar

Let’s Talk Toplines

There’s a lot of talk about wanting a “swinging back”, and emphasis on big lateral movement. To keep that theory in perspective I think it’s important to remember the backs first and most important job; to protect the spine. While you want the back to be “free” it also needs to be strong and able to stabilize first and foremost.

Maintaining proper muscle health and developed topline musculature is imperative to protect the spine and prevent problems like “kissing spines” and arthritis, not to mention the enormous knock on effect it has across the whole body (just like us 😖).

I give all of my clients simple exercises to do on the ground that help maintain strength AND mobility in the core and back musculature. This helps keep the spine stabilized, and protected.

Just because your horse is getting older doesn’t mean they have to lose their topline. 💪🏻👵🏻

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