• Jennifer Bodnar

Inflexible, or Resistant?

Most horses do not lack flexibility, they lack strength. 🤯

✋ Now I’m not advocating against stretching. Stretching has many benefits. BUT like most problems the answer is rarely ever so simple.

Watch your horses in the field and they can all most certainly reach up and scratch their ear with a hind leg, or reach around and scratch a fly off their flank with their nose. But yet they still have difficulty bending when you ask them to 🤔.

Most of these horses are simply RESISTANT because they lack strength.

•Dynamic stretching is still a muscle contraction, one where the muscle contracts and lengthens. (eccentric contraction).

•Bending the neck or spine require muscles working hard to stabilize the vertebrae and protect the spinal column.

Improving strength will improve stability and allow flexibility.

Whole horse, targeted solutions.

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