• Jennifer Bodnar

How Do You Cool Out Your Horse?

The temperatures are heating up and with restrictions lifting your horses are no doubt getting more workouts. It’s important to have a good routine for cooling out your horse after working. Did you know it takes about 18-20mins of in-hand walking to cool down your horses deep core muscles?

Why cool them down anyway?

When you horse physically exerts himself they build up waste products in their muscles as a by product that the lymphatic system then has to clear out(through movement increasing circulation). When your horse doesn’t get to properly cool down some of the waste product doesn’t get flushed out of the muscle and is left there until the cycle is started again with their next workout. This can make them sore, slower to warm up, quicker to “run out of fuel” and create chronic fatigue making them more prone to injury.

So now that we’re all getting back in action and show seasons are starting up make the most of it and have a good cooling out plan! Goodluck out there!

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